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These events are an informal chance to connect

with other parents and share what's on your mind.


We have a parent-led soccer program to E.L. Haynes.

Sessions for Spring 2024 will be held on Saturday mornings, beginning April 6, 2024.

All students are welcome to join and caregivers

are encouraged to volunteer as coaches!

dialogue groups.jpg

Deep communication about important topics like
our racial opportunity gap is at the heart of what we do.

All our work stems from creating a community
with empathy relationships across difference.

Dialogue Groups

We come together throughout the year to go over the work teams are doing in each initiative. It is another chance to build community and visit with each other.

Community Meetings

Whether you have 15 mins, 1 hour, or would like to be fully committed to an initiative,
we can't wait to work with you and create sustainable opportunities!
To connect, send us an email or text letting us know
how you’d like to help continue building our intentional community💙💚💛

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